At Manchester Money, we’re proud to be amongst the best Mortgage Brokers Manchester has to offer, and we’d like nothing more than to be your financial partner for all your mortgage advisory and lending needs.
It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out on the property ladder, you’re upsizing, downsizing, becoming a property developer, or just need some help with financial protection; we can help. No matter what kind of finance you need, from a straightforward mortgage, to a more complicated self-employed mortgage or even help with a bridging loan, all you need to do is arrange an appointment with one of our fabulous Mortgage Advisors right here in Manchester. 

We love the more complicated finance cases too, so don’t worry if you think you’ve not been in business long enough or you’re looking at shared ownership. Our advisors are experts in their field and are awaiting your call.
At Manchester Money, we’re at the top of our game, and you’ll find no better Mortgage Advisor Manchester based around.

We make the process simple and offer smart advice. That’s Manchester Money, here to help.  

Chris Barker

Chris Barker

Founding Partner, Managing Director and Mortgage & Protection Adviser

Having joined The Money Group in 2018, Chris is one of the founding partners of Manchester Money and is the Managing Director, driving the Manchester Money Brand. With 10 years experience in the Financial Services industry and with over 10 years experience within a customer focused business previously, Chris is passionate that his clients receive excellent service and sound advice. Chris specialises in all areas of residential lending.

First record ever bought – Erasure, Chorus (on tape cassette)

First car – Red Peugeot 206

Favourite film – there are hundreds but if I had to pick one, it has to be One Flew Over the Cuckoos nest

Who would play me in a film – I’d like to say Brad Pit but I’m sure he’d turn down the role of me!!

Favourite biscuit – I don’t eat biscuits, give me a packet of pickled onion monster munch anytime!!

Last Holiday destination – Heraklion, Crete

Julia Brownley - Sales & Development Director

Julia Brownley - Sales & Development Director

Julia has been a manager for 22 years and has worked across a variety of customer focused industries. For the last 15 years, she has worked in the Estate Agency sector where she has been responsible for all aspects of business performance and customer satisfaction. Julia is extremely proud to have won two prestigious industry awards for customer excellence both at a regional and national level. She truly believes in a great company culture which in turn sets the precedence for each and every customer to enjoy the best possible experience.

First record ever bought – Madonna “True Blue” album on cassette – love all of her albums! 
First car –
White Vauxhall Nova SR
Favourite film – Taken 1, 2 and 3 due to Liam Neeson!
Who would play me in a film -
Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft. I love a good female action hero!
Favourite biscuit –
Love most biscuits but can’t choose between breakaway and KitKats, must be with a cup of tea though!
Last holiday destination – Thailand – The land of smiles. 

Adam Evans – Mortgage and Protection Consultant

Adam Evans – Mortgage and Protection Consultant

Drawing on over 10 years experience as an estate agency based Mortgage Consultant, Adam brings to Manchester Money a wealth of industry expertise. 

Adam is adept in securing mortgages for a wide variety of clients. From first time buyers and home movers to seasoned investors, those with complex income streams or bespoke requirements Adam prides himself on delivering tailored solutions that address both immediate and long-term needs.

First record ever bought: It should have been Salt and Peppers debut album Hot, Cool and Vicious but I ended up buying Guns & Roses Appetite For Destruction. 

First Car: Ford Orion Ghia – with a sunroof and headrests!

Favourite Film: The Hunt For Red October.

Who would play me in a film: Steve McQueen

Favourite Biscuit: A bourbon!

Last holiday destination: Umbria, Italy – beautiful.

Darren Hopkinson - Mortgage & Protection Adviser

Darren Hopkinson - Mortgage & Protection Adviser

Darren has 30 years experience in the financial services this year ranging from a financial advisor, business development manager, and a mortgage advisor for the last 17 years. 

First record ever bought? The album I can remember buying was the first Now That’s What I Call Music on vinyl. I still have the album somewhere in the attic but no record player. 

First car? A mk1 Escort, showing my age now wish I still had the car now they are very collectable and expensive now. 

Favourite film? Point Break

Who would play you in a film? Not sure who would play me a film they would have to have a good sense of humour. 

Last Holiday destination? My last holiday was a short break to Rome last October, a fascinating place but extremely busy. 



Holly Dawson - Mortgage & Protection Adviser

Holly Dawson - Mortgage & Protection Adviser

Holly has worked in financial services for 16 years and brings a wealth of experience to Manchester Money. She is passionate that her clients receive the very best service and advice. Holly is determined and will work tirelessly to help her clients. She specialises in all types of mortgages having worked previously for high street banks, an independent financial advisory firm, and an estate agency.

First record ever bought – Spice Girls “Wannabe”

First car – Grey Nissan Micra

Favourite film – Cool Runnings “Yeah Man”

Who would play me in a film – Julia Roberts because she is ambitious, versatile and a force of nature!

Favourite biscuit – Shortbread

Last Holiday destination – Oludeniz, Turkey.

Beth Wildman - Mortgage & Protection Adviser

Beth Wildman - Mortgage & Protection Adviser

Beth has worked in Estate Agency for a number of years building up her knowledge, learning the Sales, Lettings and Financial Services process and everything in between.

She prides herself on providing excellent customer service and has done so within all the varying estate agency roles. Beth is ambitious, driven and always wants the best for her customers. 

First record ever bought – Busted - What I Go To School For

First car – Seat Ibiza (still drive it!)

Favourite film – Pretty Woman

Who would play me in a film – Jodie Comer - sassy, driven and always gets the job done!

Favourite biscuit – Not a biscuit person, rather a cheeseboard

Last Holiday destination – Thailand

Stacey Saint - Mortgage & Protection Adviser

Stacey Saint - Mortgage Adviser

I have been in Financial services now for nearly 8 years,  initially as a case manager, paraplanner and now Mortgage adviser, the best part of my job is without a doubt the clients, that feeling you get when you tell someone their mortgage offer has come through is amazing, we’ve all been there waiting -  even us advisers get a little nervous when we’re waiting for ours so I understand how much it means to each and every client! 

First record ever bought? Craig David - 7 days, and  I’m still a fan, very nearly saw him in Ibiza a couple of years ago but that’s a whole different story 

First car? Citroen Saxo - pearl blue colour with little yellow knobs on the windows and doors on the inside, at the time this was super cool

Favourite film? This is a hard one as there’s so much choice, but I’d say it’s got to be Pretty Woman, I can watch this over and over again 

Who would play you in a film? Gina Rodriguez - Jane the Virgin star, I think most of us ladies have a bit of Jane in us

Favourite biscuit? Malted Milk - have to be dunked in tea though 

Last Holiday destination? Prague - managed a little city break just before the first lockdown... bring back the holidays, please!

Atif Ali - Mortgage & Protection Adviser

Atif Ali - Mortgage & Protection Adviser

Atif has been in Financial services since 2015 and also carries a background in Law he prides on providing a 5 Star Service. Vast knowledge and experience in estate agency and can help and guide you through the process of winning your dream home. Atif is an expert in all types of mortgages from First Time Buyers, Landlords, Right to Buy, Re-mortgages, Additional Borrowing etc.

First record ever bought – Has to be Sean Paul.

First car – Vauxhall Corsa – It was PINK!! Yes you read correctly – DO NOT BUY IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT, OUT OF EXCITEMENT WHEN YOU JUST PASSED YOUR TEST!!! Just imagine blasting Sean Paul in a Pink car at your university campus “not the look I was going for.”

Favourite film – Has to be The Shawshank Redemption 1994

Who would play me in a film – Kevin Hart

Favourite biscuit – Jammy Dodger

Last Holiday destination – Egypt

Amy Jackson - Mortgage Protection and Wills Adviser

Amy Jackson - Mortgage Protection and Wills Adviser

I started my Mortgage Financial career in 2015 when I became a case manager for a busy firm. I worked my way up and became a Mortgage and Protection Advisor after passing my CeMAP in 2017. My passion as a mortgage advisor is to make sure the client’s needs are met, which included mortgage protection. Having had so many people close to me, mum, uncle, and friend, be diagnosed with Cancer, I saw hand in hand how important it is to have mortgage protection no matter how young you are. These personal experiences caused a drive in my belief on advising protection to our clients. I also expanded my knowledge further to advise clients on the importance of Wills and Trusts. 

First record ever bought? Atomic Kitten (aged 6)

Favourite film? Titanic, the only one I can watch over and over again.

Who would play me in a film? Someone a little ditzy but funny, maybe Jennifer Lawrence.

Favourite biscuit? Chocolate Digestives, but they must be dipped in a hot cuppa!

Last Holiday destination? Tenerife.

Amy Fleming - Case Manager

Amy Fleming - Case Manager

I am an experienced mortgage and protection case manager, I have worked alongside 6 mortgage advisors looking after 60/70 cases at one time. I am knowledgeable about the whole mortgage process from submission of AIP to completion.

I am passionate about delivering the best customer service and really building a relationship with my clients.

First record ever bought? I think it was a Razorlight CD

Favourite film? – Sister Act 2

Who would play me in a film? – has to be Julia Roberts

Favourite biscuit? – Jammie dodger or chocolate bourbon, I can’t choose.

Last Holiday destination? – La Mole, France

Sian Beaumont - Admin

Sian Beaumont - Admin

First record -  It was PJ and Duncan Lets get ready to Rumble! Yes, if you’re wondering I would still dance to this even now. For nostalgia of course haha!

First Car - BMW 1 series.

Favourite Film - I have a few, its hard to choose just one. It has to be The Notebook though. I used to have a huge crush on Ryan Gosling so I could watch this film over and over.

Who would play me in a film - I’d probably go for Audrey Hepburn, but as she is no longer with us (and if this was ever to happen in real life) then I’d pick Rose Byrne.

Favourite Biscuit - I don’t eat biscuits.. if I was going to have a naughty treat it would be a large glass of red. Rioja or Malbec. However, If there was only biscuits on offer then a caramel chocolate digestive!

Last holiday - I took my husband as a surprise to Berlin for New years eve 2019. It was such a funny trip, especially as midnight approached we both realised not only did we have to do the countdown in German but also backwards haha! Good times.

Aaron Davies-Cascoe - Digital Marketing Apprentice

Aaron Davies-Cascoe - Digital Marketing Apprentice

I’ve always been really excited in content creating, literally anything art-based. I’m currently doing an apprenticeship with Manchester Money to help me develop the necessary skills and experience to succeed in this fast-growing digital marketing industry. I can’t wait to see what I can do for Manchester Money and how I can help them with their online marketing.  

First record ever bought: Catfish And The Bottlemen  

Favourite film: The Pink Panther with Steven Martin.  “I would like to buy a hamburger” 

Who would play me in a film: My mum said I looked like Mike Myers so maybe him when he plays ‘The Cat in the Hat’ 

Favourite biscuit:  20 pack of Mini flapjacks from Tesco. Noice! 

Last holiday destination: I went Malaga for a week with my cousins to see the grandparents; to be fair I was only there for the calamari. 

Antonia Maddocks - Digital Marketing Apprentice

Antonia Maddocks - Digital Marketing Apprentice

I am so excited to have started as a Digital Marketing apprentice at Manchester Money in the fantastic city of Manchester. I have always been extremely creative and artistic with a passion for social media and digital marketing. I am really looking forward to seeing how much I can grow the online presence and develop the Digital and Social Media strategies of Manchester Money! 

First album bought: Lady Gaga, The Fame

First car: Fiat 500 called Fifi :) 

Favourite biscuit: Cadbury's chocolate fingers!! Yum

Favourite film: Pretty Woman, I love Julia Roberts.

Who would play me in a film: Tricky to choose but I will go with Keira Knightley as she is a strong, independent woman! 

Last holiday destination: A long weekend away in  Amsterdam. Can't wait to book my next holiday!

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