Beth Wildman

Beth Wildman 

I joined Manchester Money after a short-lived time in financial services working in a corporate environment. The KPI driven setting didn't feel right to me and I knew the client wasn't getting the service deserved. A combination of long, drawn out processed and forced in appointments meant long working hours and little productivity of the day. I left feeling drained, unhelpful and my business levels were poor.

Joining Manchester Money was a lifeline and gave me a chance to put the client first, which is at the heart of what I do and why I wanted to get into the industry in the first place. A combination of admin support, flexibility to structure my appointments in a way that is most fitting and appropriate to the client alongside the freedom of being self-employed has meant that the overall outcome for the client is better, they have a smoother process with their hand help at every point and my business levels are significantly higher. It was the right move for me.  



Holly Dawson







Holly Dawson

Before I worked with Manchester Money, I was working in an estate agency as an employed broker. Throughout lockdown I had asked to be furloughed and the employer would not furlough me. Originally, I was working with office staff that were difficult, and then when lockdown hit there was just me working remotely for the mortgage side and the agency side, as I brought money into the business, and all other staff were furloughed. I really felt the pressure to perform, and as a single parent this was majorly difficult as I was working 16 hours a day and trying to educate my child at home too!! It was just impossible and taking a toll on my health - understandably. At this point I realised that the large corporate companies just treated me as a number.

Given my personal circumstances and my household income being the only one coming in, I am 100% reliant upon myself and what I can earn monthly. I was EXTREMELY apprehensive to move into a self-employed role. My panic was “what if I don’t earn enough to pay my bills”, plus I was walking away starting a fresh and leaving a £25000 pipeline which was a decent level of business. I found that I was generating my own business and leads anyway in lockdown so it got me thinking about if I could possibly do better than I was doing at the agency. I found Manchester Money, had a chat with Chris who encouraged me to back myself and provided me with reassurance that everything would work out ok. 

I thought if I try this now and it doesn’t work, I could always walk back into an employed role at any time. So, I jumped in feet first, backed myself and honestly, I have never looked back. There is no pressure, no sales pressure, no estate agency stress, and the connections I work with solicitors, IFA’s, will writers etc are the people I want and choose to work with not who I am told to work with. We are a friendly team, and we are left alone to get on with our own business and supported if required. It's a perfect mix for me and I have admin support which allows me to write more business. I have never looked back and financially all I can say is I wish I had gone self-employed sooner!



Julia Brownley









Julia Brownley 

Before joining Manchester Money, I have worked for independent companies and large corporations, and I am lucky to have enjoyed every position that I have had. For me, the benefit for working under a smaller independent brand like Manchester Money is the ability to move with the times, make changes quickly, try new ideas as they arise and this is because of the structure of the organisation, there is no long chain of command to answer too and wait for decisions to be made. The team are involved in making change and sharing ideas that work for each other too, there is no dictatorship. 

The culture of Manchester Money is great. Everyone is like minded and focused customer service and being the best that they can be in their job role. There isn’t a big table of KPIs or any kind or micromanagement mentality which to many that have joined us is refreshing and liberating. The company just expects and trusts that you will just give your best with support and guidance of course. 

For me, hybrid working has also been refreshing as not rushing to an office for 8.30 every morning and driving home in the rush hour has really worked out more productive although I do love the time, I spend in the city centre also as for my job role, this is needed, and it is a perfect balance. I have also been able to take my son to school and pick him up, which I cherish on the days I work form home.  It is simple things like this I feel that takes the pressure off working life. 



Amy Fleming








I joined Manchester Money originally for the flexibility the job offered. I have been a mortgage administrator for a few years and have always been tied to an office working 9/5. This is still a 9/5 position, but the company is flexible and understands the need for give and take which I feel is a really refreshing way to work. I enjoy working from home primarily with the option to work from the office whenever I like.

I get to have a good work life balance and am trusted to complete work without micro-management.

I like the culture; everyone gets on well. The administrators and advisors have a really good relationship. I feel valued for the support that I give to my team of advisors as from mortgage submission, I take over the case completely until completion, enabling the advisors to write more business at the front end. We have team meetings where everyone’s input is appreciated and listened to and there are always good training and development opportunities. I have been with the company for 18 months and I feel happy in my job.



Antonia Maddocks








I absolutely love working at Manchester Money and I believe I have made a brilliant choice to join the company as a Digital Marketing Apprentice. My job is to promote the business using online media platforms such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and TikTok. I have developed a great understanding of which platforms are most beneficial to Manchester Money by strategically tailoring the brand messaging to reach the right audience and using data to give the best return on investment.

I received a very warm welcome from all the team from the day I started and have built some lovely friendships here. The culture of the business is very positive, inclusive and I have appreciated the recognition from my colleagues and my director. I am always looking to find creative ways for Manchester Money to stand out from our competitors. I particularly like the fact I can use my own creativity and as the digital space is always evolving there are things to learn every day. I am looking forward to achieving a high standard of qualification at the end of my apprenticeship and would love to stay on with the company long term.

I have been taught by the advisors about mortgage services, life insurance, income protection, bridging loans to name a few and as we have a very diverse team in terms of experience, age, specialist areas this gives me the confidence to promote the business in many ways, either by writing blogs, creating interesting social media posts or videos that are engaging and attractive to potential new customers. So far, I am absolutely thrilled that there has been a significant amount of success from the work I have been doing. 



Aron Davies_Cascoe








Before working at Manchester Money, I was in the hospitality industry for a few years. I enjoyed customer-facing roles but wanted to pursue something more. While I was working there, I created some content for their social media accounts, which I quite enjoyed, and this gave me an appetite to and motivated me to pursue an apprenticeship in Digital Marketing. Learning on the job allows me to gain valuable skills and experience far more so than choosing just a college-based course I feel.

Manchester Money offered me the role of a Digital Marketing Assistant to help me develop my skills as a digital marketer and to promote who I consider to be the best mortgage broker in Manchester. Instantly when I started at the company, everyone was super friendly and supportive; they just want the very best for me. The team support me with my apprenticeship, helping me with my projects and not putting any pressure on any of the tasks they’ve set me to which is such a relief but in turn, I they know that I am committed and focused.

Joining Manchester Money has helped me progress my career as a digital marketer. I create content, I work with the website team, I update social media community groups, I run their email marketing account, I jump on current industry news to educate potential customers, I work with partner agencies such as the NHS, Bolton Wanderers, various charities that we support to generate leads and to increase brand awareness. I feel that I add a lot of value to the company as not many mortgage firms have this kind of initiative to support brokers in bring in new business and clients. Their feedback is my support is invaluable to them as some have limited knowledge in digital marketing there for with their industry knowledge and my skills, the partnership with my team of brokers really works. I get a great sense of achievement in playing such a valuable role to the company.






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